Changes to Long Term Vacant (LTV) Site process where a reading is obtained via a warrant

Elexon raised DCP0044 to progress one of the outcomes of BSCP40 issue 0004 ‘Improvements and Clarifications to the LTV Site Process’ review group. Currently, when a reading is obtained via a warrant, a LTV site is removed from the LTV process, because a read has been obtained. When the site re-enters the LTV site process, the deemed read will be based on a positive EAC, which is likely to be inaccurate. This can lead to an error in Settlement. DCP0044 proposes two options to resolve these issues.


DCP0044 was raised on 5 June 2009. DCP0044 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00662. This DCP has been closed and progressed as CP1308.


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