Angela Love is speaking at BEIS/Ofgem workshop – 4 Feb

Angela Love, Director of Strategy and Communications at Elexon, is speaking at a BEIS/Ofgem workshop on the Energy Codes Review today. She will share our views and suggestions to address the issues arising from code and central systems fragmentation.

Angela will be presenting Elexon’s view on consolidating the Energy Codes further, building on the Retail Energy Code work, embedding industry best practice and enabling alignment of gas, electricity, transport and heat. She will also be involved in many of the other discussions throughout the day.

Energy Code Review infographic

Angela’s presentation

Presentation 3: Elexon (Angela Love) /National Grid/Electralink

  • Scope for code consolidation and reforming code content
  • The case for Code Managers/Delivery Bodies and possible scope, including parties’ performance and compliance
  • Performance assurance in an increasingly complex, data-driven world

Presentation slides

Event agenda

Review Objectives, Scope & Timelines

Session 1: Is the current framework of rules fit for purpose for the future energy system?

Break-out discussion 1: Questions and issues to explore in this session:

  • Purpose of codes
  • Content of codes
  • Non-traditional market participants
  • Code governance

Session 2: Are the current governance arrangements effective, and are the roles and responsibilities appropriate?

Break-out discussion 2: Questions and issues to explore in this session:

  • Landscape of rules
  • Fundamental change
  • Strategic oversight and direction

Session 3: sum up of day and next steps

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