Annual BSC meeting and seminar 2019

Results of voting at the 2019 Annual BSC Meeting

The Annual BSC Meeting took place at Elexon’s offices on 11 July. At the meeting, BSC Parties voted to approve those of Elexon’s directors who had been appointed or re-appointed by the Board during the previous year.

There were 12 voting BSC Parties present at the Annual BSC Meeting, including proxies, who collectively held 57.3% of the total number of votes (determined in accordance with rules set out in Section C of the Code).         

The results of the voting at the Annual BSC Meeting were as follows:


Votes for

Votes against


Votes present but did not vote

To approve the appointment of Sara Vaughan as a Director for a term of 3 years





To approve the appointment of David Titterton for a term, as a Director, of 3 years.







13:00 – Registration and voting

BSC Parties will be entitled to vote on these appointments in compliance with Section C, paragraph 4.1.9 of the BSC. Details of how to vote will be sent to Voting Parties. You can find more information on Elexon’s Board on our website.

Seminar delegates are also welcome to attend the BSC Panel meeting which starts at 10:00.

13.30 – Seminar agenda

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Keynote speaker 1: Joanna Whittington, Director General, Energy & Security, BEIS
  3. Keynote speaker 2: Mary Starks, Executive Director, Consumers & Markets, Ofgem
  4. Round table Q&A session with Keynote speakers and Elexon CEO
  5. Break
  6. Overview of Elexon’s strategic priorities
  7. How Elexon is contributing to the industry transformation
  8. Questions and Answers
  9. Close – the seminar will be followed by refreshments and networking


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