BIEE Research Conference 2018 on “Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System?” (day 2)

Nicholas Rubin, Market Architect at Elexon, is a guest speaker at the conference and is discussing “Unlocking the benefits to end consumers”.

As part of the conference Nick has produced an Elexon insight article entitled “Unlocking the benefits to end consumers”.

Elexon insight

Nick Rubin Energy looks at the transformations and challenges that exist in the electricity market and considers ways of unlocking the benefits to end consumers. The insight article was written as part of Nick’s attendance as a speaker at the BIEE’s Oxford Research Conference in September 2018.

About the conference

The BIEE research conference this year is entitled “Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System?”

The BIEE hold a biennial research conference that seeks to understand the drivers of change in energy, both positive and negative. The conference is aimed at energy analysts, researchers, strategy and policy thinkers from all backgrounds, including industry, academia and research organisations, government, the finance community, NGOs and consultancies.


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