Commissioning November Release Changes Education Day

Elexon is hosting the Commissioning November Release Changes Education Day on 7 June 2018, from 10:00 to 16:00.

This education day is targeted at Licensed Distribution System Operators, Half Hourly Meter Operators, Half Hourly Suppliers and is intended to give an overview of the following BSC Change Proposals, to be implemented on 1 November 2018, as part of the November 2018 Release:

  • CP1495 ‘Introduction of a rejection response dataflow for a D0170 ‘Request for Meter System Related Details’ request from the Meter Operator Agent to the Licensed Distribution System Operator where a D0215 ‘Provision of Site Technical Details’ response is required’ (and related MRA Change DTC CP 3523).
  • CP1496 ‘Introduction of two data flows for the Commissioning process for Half Hourly (HH) Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Current Transformer (CT) operated Metering Systems’ (and related MRA Change DTC CP 3522).
  • CP1497 ‘Introduction of data flows for Half Hourly Meter Operator Agents to pass on Commissioning information when there is a Change of Agent’.

The day will also give an opportunity to participants to ask any questions that they may have related to the implementation of these changes. The proposed structure of the day is:

  • Overview of Change Proposals and how they affect Parties BSC obligations
  • Examples of different scenarios in which these dataflows will be used and how they differ between processes
  • Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this education day will provide BSC Parties with a clearer understanding of their obligations in relation to the new processes implemented as part of BSC CPs 1495, 1496 and 1497 and answer any questions that Parties have around the implementation of these CPs.

If you would like to submit a question to be covered on the day please email [email protected], using the subject heading ‘Frequently Asked Questions – November Commissioning Changes’.


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