Elexon and BSC seminar: Introduction to the energy market (September) 2020

This seminar has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

All the presentations have been recorded for you to watch

We run the Elexon and BSC seminar: Introduction to the energy market every September, along with several other dates throughout the year.

The seminar is an all-day event provides a useful overview of the balancing mechanism and imbalance settlement processes and how the different industry bodies interact with them.

What topics will be covered?

  • Elexon and the BSC – the basics
  • Imbalance Settlement
  • Imbalance Prices
  • Supplier Volume Allocation
  • National Grid’s role as National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO)
  • Electricity Market Reform (EMR)
  • New technologies: opportunities and challenges

Who can attend?

This seminar will interest newcomers to the industry or customers who have recently entered the market and want to gain a high level understanding of the BSC arrangements and roles of other market participants.

Due to the increasing popularity of our seminars, we can only accommodate a maximum of five attendees per company to allow as many people from across the industry to attend as possible.


Our seminar is free for BSC Parties, organisations who are currently in the market entry process, not-for-profit organisations and students.

For any organisations or individuals who don’t fall under the above categories, the fee for attending the seminar is £390 (including VAT) per person.


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