IT Notice: Planned National Grid ESO MODIS Outage on 20 April 2021

Processing of all Market Participants (ETR & REMIT) reports submitted to MODIS will be delayed until the end of the outage and hence files will not be published to BMRS during the outage.

How will I be affected?

Acknowledgement received from Elexon for the submitted ETR and REMIT reports will not be sent to Market Participants during the outage.

This outage is carefully planned not to impact any other automated reports submitted by MODIS to Elexon, but there are remote chances of impact to the LOLPDM (Loss of Load Probability and De-rated Margin) report. In the worst case scenario, LOLPDM reports won’t be submitted to Elexon during the outage.

MODIS Web Application will be unavailable for some time during the outage window.

ETR-EFS half hourly automated reports (ATL, AGPT, AGWS) could also be impacted during the outage window.

BMRS will continue to publish all other data as normal and this includes REMIT data submitted from the Elexon Portal. 

Do I need to take any further action?

During the outage, Market Participants should still be able to use sFTP to send files to the MODIS system. If any errors or failures are observed, Market Participants and Elexon are requested to resubmit the failed files after the end of outage. If the issue persists after the outage and in the first two weeks following the change (Early Life Support – ELS), please contact the recipients below to report and resolve your issue. 




Richard Price

MODIS Business Owner

[email protected]

Dipak Upwanshi

MODIS Solution Architect

[email protected]

Karima Oyede

Project Manager

[email protected]

Mallik Madanakanti

Technical Lead

[email protected]

Goutham Lakinapally

Solution Architect

[email protected]

After the ELS period, please follow the normal process of raising an incident with the National Grid helpdesk – 0800 917 7111.


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