National Grid ESO C16 Stakeholder Engagement Event on 8 November 2021

National Grid ESO (NGESO) are holding a stakeholder workshop on 8 November 2021 from 13:00 to 16:00. The workshop is seeking industry views on the C16 Statements review process.

Purpose of the event

It is also an opportunity to discuss any changes that you would like to propose ahead of the annual review that will go live on 1 April 2022.

Standard Condition Licence C16 ‘Procurement and use of balancing services’ sets out the obligation on National Grid ESO to publish five statements addressing the procurement and use of balancing services.

It also sets out the process to be followed in amending the five statements.

The five documents are:

  • Procurement Guidelines
  • Balancing Principles Statement
  • Balancing Services Adjustment Data Methodology Statement
  • System Management Action Flagging Methodology Statement
  • Applicable Balancing Services Volume Data Methodology Statement

Purpose of the session

  • Early sharing of possible changes to the statements in the consultation this year
  • Discussion and feedback from industry on possible changes and additional suggestions

Outcome of the session

  • To build clarity on the change being recommended, and where priorities are
  • We encourage attendees to challenge or support what is presented for each topic
  • Not to agree or finalise changes, but to have a structured open discussion

What will follow the event

This is an ‘informal’ element of the C16 process. The obligations and formal consultations begin in 2022, and this event is an important feeder into that work.

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