IT notices: BSC Central Systems’ downtime 27-28 November 2018

Planned downtime for BSC Central Systems on 27 and 28 November 2018 has been confirmed. It will take place from 20:57 (GMT) on Tuesday 27 November to 09:15 (GMT) on Wednesday 28 November 2018.

We will keep the Elexon Portal updated and will publish a further Circular on 28 November 2018 when the downtime is finished.

How will I be impacted?

This is the second of the two BSC Agent downtimes required for the implementation of the technology upgrade of the BSC Central Systems applications which includes:

  • Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS)
  • Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA)
  • Settlement Administration Agent (SAA)
  • Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA)
  • Central Data Collection Agent (CDCA)
  • Central Registration Agent (CRA)

You will need to arrange to submit ECVNs or MVRNs before the start of the BSC Agent Downtime on 27 November; this will include ECVNs/MVRNs for the following:

  • Settlement Periods 43 to 48 (inclusive) for 27 November 2018
  • Settlement Periods 1 to 19 (inclusive) for 28 November 2018

Please do this as early as possible to reduce the risk of them missing Submission Deadline. 

You may also wish to submit contract notifications for Settlement Period 20 on 28 November 2018, as there is only 15 minutes between the end of the downtime and Submission Deadline for Settlement Period 20.

Impact on BMRS

During the period of planned downtime, the BMRS website will not publish data via the website, the API, Data Push services and European Transparency Regulation (ETR) data will not be sent to ENTSO-e Transparency Platform.

In addition users of the TIBCO service will not receive any TIBCO messages via their High Grade Communications Lines.

Although the BMRS will not be available, the Elexon Portal POST API interface for submitting REMIT files to BMRS will still be available.

Parties can continue using the POST API to submit REMIT data which will be available on the BMRS website upon completion of the downtime.

Impact on ECVAA

The ECVAA application and ECVAA Web Service (EWS) will be impacted by the downtime.

Common submission of Energy Contract Volume Notification (ECVN) and Metered Volume Reallocation Notification (MVRN) to ECVAA will not be processed.

The ECVAA Credit Cover Percentage check will also be suspended for the duration of deployment.

Following completion of the downtime, the ECVAA Credit Cover Percentage check will be re-enabled and submission of ECVNs and MVRNs will be processed as normal.

ECVAA reports e.g. Notifications Report, Forward Contract Report will resume after 09:15 (GMT) on 28 November 2018.

Will I receive ECVAA reports as normal?


The ECVAA Forward Contract Reports (ECVAA-I022), scheduled to be run at 22:00 (GMT) on 27 November and 09:00 (GMT) on 28 November 2018, will be suspended. A single report will instead be run after the outage at 09:30 (GMT).

The ECVAA Notification Report (ECVAA-I014), scheduled to be run at 02:00 (GMT) on 28 November 2018, will also be suspended and will be run after the outage at 10:00 (GMT).

Will the contents of any of the reports I receive be different?


The ECVAA Notification Report (ECVAA-I014) for 28 November 2018 may not contain credit limit and indebtedness information for the affected Settlement Periods.  Indebtedness data will be accurately reflected for Settlement Periods for which credit checking first runs in normal mode.



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