IT notices: Planned outage for MIDP on 13 November 2018

There will be a planned outage of the Market Index Data Provider (MIDP) on Tuesday 13 November 2018 between 18:40 and 21:30 (GMT).

MIDP: how will I be affected?

The Market Index Data used to calculate the Market Index Price (MIP) will not be provided to BSC Central Services by this MIDP during this outage.

The MIP is expected to default to zero during Settlement Periods 41 to 43.

The Balancing Mechanism Reporting Agent (BMRA) will display a zero MIP during the planned outage.

The BMRA will not re-run indicative Settlement calculations on any impacted Settlement Periods when the planned outage is completed. Therefore, prices posted on the BMRS website will not be updated retrospectively.

The MIDP will provide data for the planned outage period, for use in the Interim Information (II) Settlement Run.

The System Prices will be calculated as normal for the II Settlement Run and published to BSC Parties via data flows and in Best View Prices on the Elexon Portal.

Do I need to take any further action?


Background information

The MIP is used for specific defaulting situations in the Energy Imbalance Price calculation.

These situations include having a Net Imbalance Volume (NIV) of zero or having no First Stage Unflagged actions in the stack to set the Replacement Price.

If the MIP is needed and no data is available from the other MIDP (N2EX), the default price applied will be zero.


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