P392 Workgroup 01

P392 ‘Amending BSC Change Process for EBGL Article 18’ will ensure the process and responsibilities for amending BSC provisions constituting EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions reflect delegations made by NGESO in favour of the BSCCo and BSC Panel, to ensure a unified market change process. These changes are necessary to ensure the EBGL change process is followed as part of the existing BSC Change process, for all future BSC modifications that impact the EBGL Article 18 terms and conditions found in the BSC. These changes are mainly administrative.

BSC Parties and Party Agents may be indirectly impacted by the solution to this Modification Proposal due to the amended modification process whereby modifications impact BSC text that constitutes EBGL terms and conditions.

We are looking for members to join the first workgroup which will be held on 8 November 2019 at Elexon’s offices. If you would like to join the P392 Workgroup please contact Danielle Pettitt on 020 7380 4314 or email [email protected].


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