Glossary Term: Ad-hoc Trading Charge

The amount a Party is liable to pay or receive from the BSC Clearer.

BSC defined definition

The amount which a Party is liable to pay to or entitled to receive from the BSC Clearer:

  • (a) an “Ad-hoc Trading Charge” is an amount which a Party is liable to pay to or entitled to receive from the BSC Clearer:
    1. (i) pursuant to any provision of the Code, where such amount is
      specified in such provision to be such an Ad-hoc Trading Charge
    2. pursuant to an Extra-Settlement Determination in accordance with
      Section U2.2.3
  • (b) the date on which payment in respect of an Ad-hoc Trading Charge is due shall
    1. (i) the date established in accordance with the relevant provision of the
      Code or the decision of the Panel (as referred to in paragraph (a)(i)
      or (ii) respectively); or
    2. failing any such date, the 10th Business Day after the FAA received
      notification from BSCCo under paragraph 6.9.2(a)
  • (c) references to Reconciliation Charges in the Code, other than in paragraph 2.8,
    this paragraph 6 and paragraph 7.1.2 (and other than for the purposes of any
    provision as to Reconciliation Settlement Runs), include Ad-hoc Trading

  • (d) it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that the obligations of Parties and the
    BSC Clearer under the Code in respect of Ad-hoc Trading Charges are new
    obligations to pay an amount by way of Trading Charge and not an adjustment
    or amendment of any existing obligation and those obligations are subject to the
    provisions of paragraphs 2.4 to 2.7 (inclusive).

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