Glossary Term: Annual BSC Meeting

This is an annual meeting that focuses on explanation and discussion of the accounts and reports provided over the BSC Year,

BSC defined definition

An Annual BSC Meeting shall be held once in each BSC Year, in the month of July. One or more representatives of each Party shall be entitled to attend and speak at the Annual BSC Meeting. Each Panel Member, each Director of BSCCo and the Chief Executive of BSCCo shall attend the Annual BSC Meeting unless prevented from doing so by exceptional circumstances; and the Panel Chairman (or in his absence the Deputy Panel Chairman) shall chair the meeting.

The purpose of the Annual BSC Meeting shall be for an explanation and discussion of the accounts and reports provided for the previous BSC Year, and the Business Strategy and Annual Budget provided for the current BSC Year, and a response to any questions which Parties may have in relation to them.

The Annual BSC Meeting shall not be a general meeting of BSCCo, the Directors of BSCCo or of the Panel; and the Annual BSC Meeting shall have no power to take any decision; and no vote on any matter shall be taken at such meeting; and nothing said by any Panel Member or Director of BSCCo at such meeting shall amount to a decision of the Panel or Board of Directors of BSCCo or have any other binding effect. the meeting referred to in Section B6.2.

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