Glossary Term: Applicable BSC Objective(s)

Has the meaning given to that term in the Transmission Licence. The Transmission Licence defines this as:

The objectives referred to in paragraph 1(b) are:

  1. the efficient discharge by the licensee of obligations imposed upon it by this licence
  2. the efficient, economic and co-ordinated operation of the national electricity transmission system
  3. promoting effective competition in the generation and supply of electricity, and (so far as consistent therewith) promoting such competition in the sale and purchase of electricity
  4. promoting efficiency in the implementation and administration of the balancing and settlement arrangements described in paragraph 2
  5. compliance with the Electricity Regulation and any relevant legally binding decision of the European Commission and/or the Agency
  6. implementing and administering the arrangements for the operation of contracts for difference and arrangements that facilitate the operation of a capacity market pursuant to EMR legislation
  7. compliance with the Transmission Losses Principle

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