Glossary Term: Distribution System

means: (i) all or part of a distribution system in Great Britain operated by a Licensed Distribution System Operator; and (ii) all or part of any other distribution system in Great Britain for which the condition is satisfied that all entry/exit points are subject to registration in SMRS pursuant to the provisions of the MRA; provided that: (a) such distribution system or part thereof is connected to the Transmission System at Grid Supply Points which fall within only one Group of GSPs, and (b) where part only of a distribution system is comprised in a Distribution System, each other part thereof must be comprised in one or more other Distribution Systems; where: (1) ‘distribution system’ has the meaning given to that term in section 4(4) of the Act, following amendment of the Act by section 28 of the Utilities Act 2000; (2) ‘entry/exit point’ means a point at which electricity may flow on to or off such distribution system other than from or to the Transmission System or another such system or a distribution system referred to in paragraph (i) above; Except that prior to the BETTA Effective Date every use of the words Great Britain in such meaning shall be deemed to be a reference to England and Wales;

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