Glossary Term: Party Details

For the purposes of The Code, the “Party Details” of a Party are the following details and documentation of the Party: (a) its full name and contact details; (b) the name, postal address, facsimile number and electronic mail (e-mail) address of the person for whose attention notices or communications issued in accordance with Section H9.2 should be marked; (c) details for service of process, where the Party is required to provide such details pursuant to Section H9.9.3; (d) whether the Party is (or intends to be) the holder of a Licence and/or benefits (or intends to benefit) from an Exemption, and (if so) details of such Licence or Exemption (including whether the Party is required by a condition in the Exemption to be Party or to comply with The Code) and the circumstances requiring the Party to hold or benefit from the same;(e) the participation capacities (if any) which the Party has or (at the time at which such details are notified to BSCCo) intends or expects to have, and the date from which it has or intends or expects to have each such capacity; (f) such supporting documentation as BSCCo may reasonably require in order to validate that the Party has or will have such participation capacities; (g) whether the Party was a party to the Pooling and Settlement Agreement at the date of or at any time after the date of execution of the Framework Agreement and, if so, in what capacity(ies); (h) the identity of any other Party which is an Affiliate of the Party; and (i) whether the Party is registered for VAT purposes and if so the Party’s VAT registration number. has the meaning given to such term in Section A3.1;

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