BSC Panel Elections

BSC Panel Members are appointed by election (in the case of Industry Members) or by appointment by the Panel Chairman (in the case of Independent Members), the Transmission Company and Citizens Advice / Citizens Advice Scotland as appropriate.

2018 Elections

The current Industry Members’ term of office expires in September 2018. The term of newly elected Panel Members will start on 1 October 2018 and run until 30 September 2020. 

Voting closed on 24 August 2018. We have checked and counted the votes received according to the provisions of Annex B-2 of the BSC. This process has been reviewed and the results verified by our internal assurance function. The following candidates have been elected as Panel Members for the period 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2020: 


Nominated By

Round Elected in: 

Lisa Waters

Nicholas Sillito, PeakGen Top Co.Ltd

1st round

Thomas Edwards

Alessandra De Zottis, UK Power Reserve

1st round

Stuart Cotten 

Paul Youngman, Drax Power Ltd

Further round

Mark Bellman

Andrew Morran, ScottishPower Energy Retail Ltd 

Further round

Mitch Donnelly

Kevin Woollard, British Gas Trading Ltd

Further Round 

Election process

We organise the nomination, election and appointment of Industry BSC Panel Members.

The rules governing the election process are in Section B Annex B-2 of the BSC.

The Panel Elections 2018 guide explains to the election process and how the votes are calculated.

Panel Members must act impartially and not be representative of any one Party or class of Parties. With the exception of the Panel Chairman, they are appointed for a period of two years.

Who can participate

Each BSC Party which is a Trading Party on 20 June in the year of the election may nominate one candidate to stand for election as a BSC Panel Member.

Each voting Trading Party may submit a voting paper for each Energy account that it holds (i.e. a Production account and a Consumption account).

In some cases, Trading Parties may be affiliated with one another, so they will be treated as a Trading Party group by the BSC.

Only one Trading Party in a Trading Party group can submit voting papers in the Industry Panel Member elections.

Previous election results

Further information about the role and responsibilities of the BSC Panel and details of the current Panel members is published on the BSC Panel homepage.


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