Panel strategy and governance

Strategic Work Programme

The BSC Panel has identified its strategic priorities in a Panel Strategy and incorporated a Strategic Work Programme that addresses these priorities though 2015/16 and beyond. Both the Strategy and Work Programme feeds directly into the development of the annual BSCCo business plan and will inform the work of the Panel, its Committees and ELEXON going forward.

Review of Panel Governance

In April 2013, the BSC Panel and Board jointly commissioned Bill Knight to carry out an independent review of ELEXON’s governance. The ELEXON Board subsequently considered ELEXON’s governance in light of the Knight Report. The BSC Panel also began work to consider its own governance in 2014.

It considered the review group’s initial thinking regarding Panel accountabilityrole and functions and agreed that these context-setting pieces should be used to develop conclusions in relation to the delegation of Panel responsibilities and its operating practices. Thought pieces were published on each of these areas along with a one-page overview of this initial thinking.

In September 2015, the Panel considered three more thought pieces developed by the review group on Panel delegation and Panel operations.  The Panel Committee review spreadsheet summarises the roles and key characteristics of each of the Panel Committees.


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