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How are BM Units categorised?

There are several types of BM Unit, each covering different aspects of the system. Each is marked with a particular prefix to its ID, as shown below:

BM Unit Prefix Description
Directly Connected T_ These BM Units are directly connected to the Transmission System.
Embedded E_ These BM Units are embedded into a Distribution System.
Interconnector I_ These BM Units are related to an Interconnector.
Supplier 2_ These BM Units cover Supply, and contain all of a particular Supplier’s MPANs in either a Base or Additional Supplier BM Unit for a given Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group.
Supplier C_ These Additional Supplier BM Units are registered solely for the purpose of allocating CFD Assets to them.
Miscellaneous M_ Other types of BM Units that don’t fit the above categories. This prefix does not apply to newly registered BM Units.

A complete list of all active BM Units can be found on the ELEXON Portal.