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How do I claim expenses?

If you are a member employed by a Company:

Submit an expense claim to your employer using your employer’s procedures (e.g. your employer’s mileage rate if relevant);

Request that your employer raises an invoice for ELEXON for the claim amount; and

Ensure that the invoice includes the following information:

  • Name of claimant;
  • Meeting name and date (e.g. PAB or P217);
  • Amount claimed for each item (train fare, airline ticket, hotel, mileage etc.); and
  • Supporting receipts (or copies).

If you are a member working in an individual capacity

If registered for VAT, please raise an invoice for the amount you want to claim and send it to us with the supporting information as set out above. If not registered for VAT, please send a letter to us, along with any supporting information.

Invoices should be sent to:
ELEXON Finance Department
350 Euston Road

What do I do if I am claiming for the first time?

If you are claiming for the first time, you need to provide various details to be added to our finance systems before we can pay invoices.