How do I register BM Units?

The BM Unit Registration process is described in BSCP15 ‘BM Unit Registration’, which covers the procedures and timescales for registering BM Units. Registering a BM Unit requires a lead time of 30 Working Days, and you will normally need to speak to National Grid before this process begins, so you should leave plenty of time to complete the whole process. You can register BM Units using form BSCP15/4.1, which must be sent to the Central Registration Agent (CRA) – Guidance on the BM Unit registration process, including filling in BSCP15/4.1, along with further information about BM Units, can be found in our BM Unit Guidance Note (under ‘Regsitrations’ section).

If you are a new Supplier joining the market, you need to set up 14 Supplier BM Units (your Base BM Units, one for each GSP Group) as part of your registration. You can register all other BM Units on an ad-hoc basis as and when they are required.


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