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How do I submit BSC Party operational contact details?

BSC Party Operational Contact Details 

ELEXON requires current contact details from BSC Parties so that it can efficiently resolve operational queries and issues.

Parties are requested to keep ELEXON informed of the following:

  • A contact (preferably more than one) that can deal with Credit Default issues both inside and outside of normal working hours. In accordance with the BSC, a Credit Default has to be progressed regardless of whether ELEXON has been able to speak directly to the relevant BSC Party. Therefore, without the most up to date contact details, a Party may risk going into Credit Default without having the opportunity to address any potential issues
  • A contact (preferably more than one) that can deal with Payment Default issues within normal working hours
  • A contact (preferably more than one) that can deal with notification of Generation and Demand Capacity breaches within normal working hours

The above contacts need to be updated every two years. To submit new or updated contact details, please complete the form above and submit it to credit-default@elexon.co.uk