What am I entitled to claim for?

We will reimburse reasonable costs and expenses incurred for attending meetings or in conducting the business of the BSC for:

  • Panel Members and Alternates when acting as a Member
  • Panel Committee Members, and Alternates when acting as a Member
  • Modification and Standing Issue Group Members. There are no Alternates to Modification Group Members
  • Ad hoc working groups established to conduct BSC business, such as reviews of processes.

Whilst we welcome attendance at these meetings, expenses cannot be claimed where Parties are not actual members of the groups but attend out of interest.

In addition, we will not reimburse expenses for attending information events or forums facilitated by Elexon, such as Elexon Introduction Seminars or education sessions, forums or advisory groups such as STAG, SAF, TAMEG, IMAG, UMSUG, and similar events. If you are not sure whether you can claim expenses or not, please contact [email protected].

If you are entitled to claim expenses, please use the most cost effective travel available and please remember that expenses are ultimately reimbursed by all BSC Parties. If you travel by rail or plane, standard, second-class or economy fares should be used. Panel and Panel Committee Members may travel first class in exceptional circumstances where the bulk of business being read is confidential.

If you want to arrange to travel first class regularly, you may claim the second-class portion of the fare and make up the cost difference yourself. Please contact the Technical Secretary of the relevant group to arrange this beforehand.

For travel by car, our mileage rates are 40 pence per mile or 25 pence per mile if your cumulative mileage total exceeds 10,000 miles.


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