What happens during the Audit?

The BSC Panel sets the scope of the BSC Audit each year. Following this, the BSC Auditor develops an Audit Approach which describes how it will deliver the work required to meet the scope.

Below are copies of the current BSC Audit Scope, BSC Audit Scope Diagrams and non-confidential version of the BSC Audit Approach. Contact us if you require previous versions.

BSC Audit Scope 2012/13 [248 Kb]

Issued On: 08-March-2012

BSC Audit Approach 01/04/11 – 31/03/12

Issued On: 28-October-2011

BSC Audit Scope 2011/12 [179Kb]

Issued On: 30-September-2011

BSC Audit Approach 01/04/10 – 31/03/11 [427 Kb]

Issued On: 01-October-2010

BSC Audit Scope Diagrams [39 Kb]

Issued On: 11-October-2006



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