When is data submitted?

PARMS data provided by Supplier and Supplier Agents is sent to [email protected] within 20 Working Days (WDs) of the end of each month (known as a Reporting Period (RP)). Suppliers receive automated reports confirming what data has been submitted by Supplier Agents acting on their behalf. We process this information and extract it for our monitoring processes. Suppliers and Supplier Agents receive confirmation emails each time a submission is made.  On the 25WD (5WDs after the submission deadline), Suppliers then receive a Consolidated Report detailing all the data submitted against them for that Reporting Period.

Suppliers that don’t provide a complete set of performance data either themselves or via their Supplier Agents by the 20 WD deadline will incur a charge under the Supplier Charges technique.

PARMS 2012 Reporting Timetable


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