Where can I find details of wholesale prices of electricity in Great Britain?

The majority of wholesale trading takes place directly between buyers and sellers of electricity at a price agreed in private. Benchmark prices for the trades are published on subscription to reference agencies.

Short term energy trading takes place on two power exchanges in GB. Both publish price data:



Although wholesale prices aren’t calculated, Energy Imbalance Price are every 30 minutes. See ‘How are the System Sell Price and System Buy Price calculated?’ for more information.

How are the System Sell Price and the System Buy Price Calculated?

For each half hour trading period or ‘Settlement Period’, the ‘cash-out prices’ or ‘Energy Imbalance Prices’ (System Sell Price and System Buy Price) will be calculated based on the cost incurred by National Grid – the System Operator – to bring the system into balance (based on accepted Balancing Mechanism Bids and Offers). The System Buy Price (SBP) is applied to BSC Parties that have deficit of energy and the System Sell Price (SSP) to those that have a surplus of energy.

More information about how the prices are calculated and applied can be found in the Imbalance Pricing Guidance.

Indicative prices for each half hour trading period are reported on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) at BMReports.com.


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