BSC Panel 328

BSC Panel Agenda

1.Apologies-Michael Gibbons

Part I: Modification and Change Business (Open Session)

2.Change Report and Progress of Modification Proposals-328/02-Lawrence Jones
3.P441 IWA – ‘Creation of Complex Site Classes’-328/03-Stan Dikeocha/ Mary Gillie
4.P442 IWA – ‘Reporting to EMRS of chargeable volumes for SVA Metering Systems that record both exempt and licensed supply’-328/04-Jenny Sarsfield
5.P425 AR – ‘Amendment to the definition of Shared SVA Meter Arrangement’-328/10-Jenny Sarsfield
6.P432 DMR – ‘Half Hourly Settlement for CT Advanced Metering Systems’-328/06-Aylin Ocak
7.P415 – CEPA Cost Benefit Analysis Update-Verbal -Ivar Macsween/ Lewis Heather
8.P427 AR – ‘Publication of Performance Assurance Parties’ impact on Settlement Risk’-328/07-Keren Kelly
9.New CP – ‘Creation of a new BSCP for Assurance Information Requests’-328/05-Keren Kelly

Part II: Non-Modification Business (Open Session)

10.Minutes of previous meetings and Actions arising -Fionnghuala Malone
Standing reports
11.Chair’s Report-Michael Gibbons
12.Elexon Report-328/01-Simon McCalla
13.Distribution Report-Fungai Madzivadondo
14.National Grid Report -Jon Wisdom
15.Ofgem Report -Colin Down
Tabled Reports
16.Report from the ISG-328/01B
17.Report from the SVG-328/01C1&328/01C2
18.Report from the PAB-328/01D1 & 328/01D2
19.Trading Operations: BSC Operations Headline Report (Now Online Only)
20.System Price Analysis Report (Now Online Only)

Information Papers

21.BSC Audit-Verbal-Beth Procter/Victoria Moxham

Part III: Confidential Business (Closed Session)



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