BSC Panel 278

This page sets out the Agenda for the BSC Panel meeting 278 set for 10 May 2018. All public documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.


1. Apologies – Michael Gibbons

Open Session

Part I: Modification and Change Business

2. Report on Progress of Modification Proposals – 276/03 – Lawrence Jones
3. P366 ‘Change to Supplier Charge SP08a for Hard to read sites’ – Chris Wood and Oliver Zhe Xing (Orsted)
4. ‘Removal of Supplemental Balancing Reserve (SBR) and Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR) cost recovery arrangements’ – Sasha Townsend
5. P344 ‘Project TERRE implementation into GB market arrangements’ – Elliott Harper
6. P359 ‘Mechanised Process for GC/DC Declarations’ – Lawrence Jones (LATE PAPER)
7. Consideration of P360 ‘Making the BSC’s imbalance price compliant with the European Balancing Guideline’ – Lawrence Jones  (LATE PAPER)

Part II: Non – Modification Business


8. Minutes of Meeting 277 & Actions arising – Victoria Moxham

Standing Reports

9. Chairman’s Report – Verbal – Michael Gibbons
10. Elexon Report – 278/01 – Mark Bygraves
11. Distribution Report – Verbal – David Lane
12. National Grid Report – Verbal – Chris Fox
13. Ofgem Report – Verbal – Colin Down

Tabled Items

14. Report from the ISG – 278/01b
15. Report from the SVG – 278/01c
16. Report from the PAB – 278/01d 
17. Trading Operations: BSC Operations Headline Report – 278/02 (LATE PAPER)
18. System Price Analysis Report – ISG204/05 

Decision Papers

19. Approval of Funding Shares Audit Scope – Kathy Ferrari
20. Value of Lost Load (VoLL) Review Process – Elona Bucaj
21. Delegation of Loss of Load Probability Review to ISG – David Thomas

Closed Session

Part III: Confidential Session


Other Items

22. Any other Business

Next meeting

Thursday 14 June 2018


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