BSC Panel 282

This page sets out the Agenda for the BSC Panel meeting 282 set for 13 September 2018. All public documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.


1. Apologies – Michael Gibbons

Open Session 

Part I: Non-Modification Business

2. Verbal Update on Faster Switching Programme – Jonathan Dixon (Ofgem) 

Part II: Modification and Change Business

3. Change Report and Progress of Modification Proposals – 282/03 – Lawrence Jones
4. Verbal Update on P297 ‘Receipt and Publication of New and Revised Dynamic Data Items’ – Leon Walker (National Grid) 
5. ‘Inclusion of Non-BM Fast Reserve and Non-Tendered Fast Reserve actions into the calculation of the Imbalance Price and extension of the new cash-out price arrangements to Fast Reserve’ – 282/04 – (LATE PAPER) – Harry Parsons and Alessandra De Zottis (UK Power Reserve)
6. ‘Speeding up the process for the publication of data on the BMRS’ – 282/05 – Ivar Macsween
7. CP1505 ’Allowing off-site Commissioning of Current Transformers preinstalled in cut outs or switchgear at manufacture for use in Low Voltage installations’ – 282/06 – Elliott Harper
8. Update to Modification Workgroup’s Terms of Reference to better support engagement with Parties – 282/07 – Lawrence Jones

Part II: Non-Modification Business


9. Minutes of Meeting 281 & Actions arising – Victoria Moxham

Standing Reports

10. Chairman’s Report – Verbal – Michael Gibbons
11. Elexon Report – 281/01 – Mark Bygraves
12. Distribution Report – Verbal – David Lane
13. National Grid Report – Verbal – Jon Wisdom
14. Ofgem Report – Verbal – Colin Down

Tabled Items

15. Report from the ISG – 282/01b
16. Report from the SVG – 282/01c
17. Report from the PAB – 282/01d
18. Report from the TDC – 282/01e (LATE PAPER) 
19. Trading Operations: BSC Operations Headline Report – 282/02 (LATE PAPER)
20. System Price Analysis Report – ISG208/08 
21. Reference Network Mapping Statement for 2018-19 – 282/08 

Decision Papers

 22. Progression Approach Options for a Potential Modification to Extend the Panel’s Scope to Raise Modifications – 282/09 – Lawrence Jones
23. Review of Specified Charges for Additional BM Units – 282/10 – Damian Clough
24. BSC Panel Strategy – 282/11 – Victoria Moxham

Closed Session

25. Any other Business

Next meeting

Thursday 11 October 2018


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