1. Overview of the Design Working Group’s Target Operating Model and transition approach
  2. Introductions and apologies – Jasmine Killen / Kathryn Coffin / Anthony Riding
  3. Meeting objectives – Kathryn Coffin
  4. Any questions on the CCDG Terms of Reference or TOM Development Principles? – Kathryn Coffin / Kevin Spencer / Saskia Barker
  5. Agree CCDG work plan or any changes required – Kevin Spencer
  6. Agree provisional 2020 meeting dates – Kathryn Coffin
  7. Allocate members to individual work areas / Agree ways of working – Kathryn Coffin
  8. Agree approach to co-ordinating with other codes bodies – Kevin Spencer
  9. Agree Code Change Matrix template or any changes required – Kevin Spencer
  10. Summary and next steps – Kathryn Coffin


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