1. Introduction, apologies and meeting objectives – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin
2. Updated Gantt chart / Ofgem SCR update Updated Gantt chart / Verbal – Kathryn Coffin / Ofgem
3. Responses to consultation on DWG’s preferred TOM – Consultation responses / Summary to be presented at meeting – Mark De Souza-Wilson
4. Registration, appointments and Qualification: Pros and cons of different options – Slides to be presented at meeting – Kevin Spencer
5. Transition approach: Pre-planning Request to DWG /Slides to be presented at meeting – Matt McKeon / Kevin Spencer
6. DCC scenarios: LDSO smart data collection activities – Slides to be presented at meeting – Kevin Spencer
7. DWG15 Headline Report and latest Actions Log – Draft Headline Report /Actions Log – Kathryn Coffin
8. Summary, actions and next steps – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin

Next meeting

1 May 2019


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