DWG 19


This page sets out the Agenda for the DWG meeting 19 set for 17 July 2019. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1. Introduction, apologies and meeting objectives – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin
2. Smart Export Guarantee update – Verbal – Will Marks
3. Ofgem SCR update – Verbal / Gantt chart – Jasmine Killen
4. Summary of consultation responses Public consultation responses / Slides to be provided at meeting – Mark De Souza-Wilson
5. Agree key messages following consultation – Verbal – All
6. Agree final transition approach and any ‘quick wins’ – Verbal – All
7. Structure of final Stage 2 report – Slides to be provided at meeting – Kevin Spencer
8. DWG18 Headline Report and Actions – Headline Report Actions log – Kathryn Coffin
9. Summary and next steps – Verbal – Kathryn Coffin

Next meeting

21 August 2019


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