This page sets out the Agenda for the ISG meeting 208  set for 21 August 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1.Apologies – Nicholas Rubin

Part I: Open Session

Decision Papers

2.Non-standard BMU Roosecote Battery – 208/01 – Katie Wilkinson

3.Non-standard BMU Hornsea One WF – 208/02 – Paulina Stelmach

4.CP1505 ’ Allowing off-site Commissioning of Current Transformers preinstalled in cut outs or switchgear at manufacture for use in Low Voltage installations’ – 208/03 – Elliott Harper

5.Metering Dispensation D488 – 208/04 Chris Day

6.LLF methodology audit report – 208/05 Sarah Ross

7.Data Review for the Market Index Definition Statement 2018 – 208/06 Nick Baker

Information Items

8.CP1508 ‘Updating the references to the British and International Standards within the relevant Codes of Practice and Balancing and Settlement Procedure 601’ – 208/07 – Sasha Townsend

Tabled Items

9.BSC Operations Headline Report – 281/02

10.Change Report – 281/03

Other Business

11.Panel Update – Panel Sponsor

12.Actions – Harry Collins

13.Minutes from previous meeting – Harry Collins

14.Matters Arising – All

Next Meeting

Tuesday 18 September 2018


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