1. Apologies – Iain Nicoll

Decision Papers

2.Approval of CSDs for P367: Removal of SBR and DSBR arrangements – 216/01 – Mahesh Gogtay/ Damian Clough
3.Application For A Non-Standard BM Unit for MGT Teesport – 216/02 – Katie Wilkinson
4.Section M Material Doubt Guidance Note – 216/03 – Nick Baker

Information Papers

5.Protocol Approvals – IMServ (CDCA) – 216/04 – Mike Smith

Tabled Items

6.GC/DC KPI er note – Summer & Autumn 2018 – Tabled
7.BSC Operations Headline Report – Tabled
8.Change Report – Tabled
9.System Price Analysis Report (SPAR) – Tabled

Other Busines

10.Panel Update
12.Minutes from previous meeting
13.Any Other Business


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