This page sets out the Agenda for the ISG meeting 216 set for 23 April 2019. All public documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1. Apologies – Iain Nicoll

Decision Papers

2.Approval of CSDs for P367: Removal of SBR and DSBR arrangements – 216/01 – Mahesh Gogtay/ Damian Clough

3.Application For A Non-Standard BM Unit for MGT Teesport – 216/02 – Katie Wilkinson

4.Section M Material Doubt Guidance Note – 216/03 – Nick Baker

Information Papers

5.Protocol Approvals – IMServ (CDCA) – 216/04 – Mike Smith

Tabled Items

6.GC/DC KPI er note – Summer & Autumn 2018 – Tabled

7.BSC Operations Headline Report – Tabled

8.Change Report – Tabled

9.System Price Analysis Report (SPAR) – Tabled

Other Busines

10.Panel Update


12.Minutes from previous meeting

13.Any Other Business


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