1. Apologies – Iain Nicoll

Decision Papers

2. Market Index Definition Statement Review – 221/01 – Nick Baker
3. Metering Dispensation D/497 – East Claydon GSP – 221/02 – Mike Smith
4. Generation Capacity And Demand Capacity Limits Review – 221/03 – Adam Jessop

Information Papers

5. Change Proposal CP1521 ‘BSCP70 amendments for Interconnector Administrator and Interconnector Error Administrator’ – 221/04 – Tom Darwen 

6.CP1519 ‘Treatment of Low Capacity Connections for Site Specific Line Loss Factor Calculations’ – 221/05 – Chris Wood

Tabled Items

7. BSC Operations Headline Report
8. Change Report
9. System Price Analysis Report (SPAR) (Late)


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