1.Apologies – Iain Nicoll

Part I: Confidential Session

Part II: Public Session

4.Application for Non-Standard BM Units for Doggerbank A and B Wind Farms ISG252/02 Katie Wilkinson
5.Amendments to the IDD spreadsheets to correct sub-flows 3 & 4 of the SAA-I014 Settlement Reports ISG252/05 Aylin Ocak

Information Papers

6.Compliance Testing and Protocol Approval – Secure Meters’ Prometer 100 (integral Outstation) Meter types ISG252/03 Mike Smith

Tabled Items

7.ADR Update – Jason Jackson
8.Change Report

Other Items

9.Actions -Jenny Sarsfield
10.Panel Update Panel Sponsor
11.Minutes from previous meeting Iain Nicoll
12.Any other business All

Next Meeting
Tuesday 3 May 2022


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