Issue 84 Meeting

Issue 84 was Raised by SSE Electricity Limited on 10 July 2019.

The Issue 84 meeting was held on 31 July 2019. The Workgroup (WG) considered extending the existing RTS Contract between the ENA and Elexon, to facilitate RTS cost recovery across all Trading Parties; and Raising a BSC Modification to introduce a requirement for the BSCCo to recover additional RTS costs from Suppliers under BSC recovery mechanisms. The Workgroup agreed the following:

  • Solution 1 – Option a) should be implemented and a Modification could be raised to progress Solution 2 Option b) or c) if a BSC Party wishes to do so. Solution 1 option a) will result in a change to the existing RTS contract between the ENA and Elexon.
  • Elexon is to engage with the ENA to discuss the details of the contract change. Industry will be notified of the contract change outcome and implementation timelines.
  • The industry will be notified of the WG decision and Parties can raise a Modification should they wish to progress with Solution 2.

The Workgroup noted the below next steps for progressing Issue 84: 

  • Elexon is to draft the Issue 84 report for WG review
  • The Issue 84 report to be submitted to the September BSC Panel meeting
  • Industry is to be notified of Issue 84 outcome after September BSC Panel meeting
  • Elexon to notify industry once the contract extension is agreed


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