Issue 89 – Meeting 1

This Issue seeks to examine efficacy of the Settlement Adjustment Processes (SAP) introduced by P305 ‘Electricity Significant Code Review Developments’ in 2015. The intent of the SAP is to amend participants’ imbalance positions following a DCE.

The SAP were used for the first time following the DCE on 9 August 2019 and the majority of positions have been adjusted accordingly. However, difficulties were faced and this Issue will in part act as a lessons learned exercise for the SAP and seek potential improvements and efficiencies.

Additionally, questions were raised by the BSC Panel as to whether the costs of running the processes were commensurate with the benefits of doing so. As such, the Panel raised P397 ‘Assessing the costs and benefits of adjusting Parties’ Imbalances following a demand disconnection’ as a means to introduce a materiality threshold wherein the processes are only performed where the estimated benefits outweigh the expected costs.

On 3 March 2020, Ofgem sent back P397 citing a lack of evidence in regards to the costs of operating the processes. As well as performing a lessons learned exercise, over the course of this Issue Group we aim to gather that information.


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