JESG November 2018 Meeting

The agenda for JESG meetings is published by National Grid in consultation with BEIS, Ofgem and the Chair. The agenda is circulated to members and publish on the National Grid website.

Agenda and publications

National Grid publishes the JESG agenda and slides on their website and a high-level “headline report” is published after the meeting.

Elexon’s role

We attend meetings of JESG as part of our role of BSC administrator and also coordinate the meeting location and teleconference facilities.

Attending a meeting

Meetings are normally held at the Elexon offices in London. 

Those planning to join JESG in person must pre-register which they can access using a link in the weekly JESG Newsletter issued by National Grid.

Lunch is usually served at Elexon for the meeting. Please notify us of any dietary requirements.

Office and teleconference facilities

The building is a modern, glass lined structure with a large reception area managed by the building owners and four lifts to the various floors.

Meetings are held in one of Elexon’s meetings rooms on the 4th floor.

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate we have teleconference facilities that will enable you to remain involved even whilst not physically in the building.


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