P371 Workgroup 1


  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Overview of defect
  3. Review of IWA and ToRs
  4. Discuss Life Cycle of the Reserve Products within the defect;
    i.e. Procurement through to calculation of the Imbalance Price
  5. What are the characteristics of Fast Reserve Products;
    Procurement, why products are non-tendered, percentages of BM to Non BM, what is it used for, duration
    How are Non BM Reserve Actions reported;
  6. BSAD Methodology, understand which actions are reported, what information is actually reported
    Flagging of System Actions (SO Flagging);
    SMAF Methodology
  7. How various actions feed into the Imbalance Price (or not);
    SO Flagging, CADL, Reserve Scarcity Price
  8. Next steps


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