1. Welcome and apologies – Chair (Lawrence Jones)

2. Review of meeting 1 and actions – Lead Analyst (Matthew Woolliscroft)

3. Where, when and how the PN feeds into settlement Availability of meter adjusted data Design Authority – (Damian Clough)

4. Registration of Metering Systems Design Authority – (John Lucas)

5. Overview of the dispatch process

  • Timings of Meter data
  • Consequential changes to the Grid Code – Transmission Company Representative – (Grahame Neale)

6. What Metering Standards are appropriate? 

  • Codes of Practice Unmetered Supplies and
  • EV charging Points Metering SMEs – (Iain Nicoll / John Lucas)

7. How can losses be accounted for? – Damian Clough

8. What techniques can be used to provide assurance?

  • Techniques for Operational
  • Metering Techniques for Baseline Methodologies
  • Can the solutions be used to assure each other? Settlement Risk SME – (Ryan Dale)

9. Are there outstanding considerations?

  • Review of Workgroup Terms of Reference What analysis/ IA are needed? – All

10. AOB and Next steps – Chair


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