First Workgroup meeting for P375 ‘Metering behind the Boundary Point’ and P376 ‘Utilising a Baselining Methodology to set Physical Notifications’.


1.Welcome and Introduction

2.Overview of defect

3.Exploring the consequence of inaccurate FPNs in Settlement

  • How FPNs impact Settlement
  • How FPNs are used under the Grid Code
  •  Interactions and links between the Settlement and Grid Code
  •  for FPNs and any consequential changes to other Codes

4.Review of IWAs and ToRs

  •  P375 ToRs
  •  P376 ToRs
  •   Independence of Assets
  •   Effect on Transmission System
  •  Metering Standards

5.How do/can the two Modifications complement/conflict with each other? (both)

  • Examples of sites that will use Baseline Methodology,
  • operational metering at the asset or both

6.Assurance methods

  •   How to ensure integrity of any Baseline Methodologies
  •   Assurance techniques for operational Metering

7.Next steps

  •  How to run future Workgroups


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