P448 Workgroup meeting 6

The sixth Workgroup meeting for  P448 ‘Protecting Generators subject to Firm Load Shedding during a Gas Supply Emergency from excessive Imbalance Charges’ will take place on 16 November 2022 from 09:30 until 15:00.

Meeting Objectives

  • Review EBGL Consultation responses
  • Gather Workgroup final views on the Proposed P448 Modification
  • Gather Workgroup final views on the Alternative P448 Modification


1.  Welcome and meeting objectives
2. BSC Quoracy Confirmation
3. Workgroup meeting 5 Recap
4.  Review EBGL Consultation responses
5.  P448 impact on Applicable BSC
Objective F
6.  P448 Costs and Impacts
7.  Final Workgroup voting on P448
Proposed Modification
8. Final Workgroup voting on P448
Alternative Modification
9. Next Steps
10. Meeting Close


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