Webinar on P471 and P472 introducing amendment to BSC Section E impacting BSC Agents

Elexon will hold a webinar on Thursday 27 June to discuss P471: Amendment to BSC Section E to allow more flexibility in procurement of BSC Agents, and P472: Amendment to provisions for Parties to bring claims against BSC Agents in BSC Section E.


For P471 the webinar will enable you to:

  • understand the P471 Modification Proposal
  • Provide you an opportunity to ask questions
  • Enable and encourage interested parties to respond to the P471 consultation

and for P472:

  • Help you understand the P472 Modification Proposal
  • Provide you an opportunity to ask any questions on the P472 proposal
  • Enable and encourage you or colleagues to join the P472 Workgroup

Sign up for the webinar

If you are interested, please sign up via this web form.

More details will be supplied closer to the time.


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