PAB 210


This page sets out the Agenda for the PAB meeting 210 set for 26 July 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.

1.Apologies – Douglas Alexander

Market Information

2.BSC Audit Peer Comparison – 210/11 – Chris Stock

3.PAF KPIs – 210/10 – Tabled

4.Non-confidential Settlement Risk Report – 210/01b – Tabled

5.Elexon’s Response to BSC Audit Opinion – 210/12 – Chris Stock
6.Elexon Recommendations in Response to the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) Annual Report – 210/13 – Kat Higby

7.Monitoring performance of Measurement Classes E, F and G – 210/14 – Paulina Stelmach

8.Missing MTDs TAPAP EFR Recommendations – 210/06 – Jason Jackson

Verbal Updates

9.P344 ‘Project TERRE’ industry working groups – Chris Wood – Sasha Townsend

Any Other Business

10.Panel Update – Panel Sponsor

11.Big Ticket Items – All

12.Actions – Chris Stock

13.Minutes from previous meeting – Chris Stock

14.Any Other Business – Douglas Alexander


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