1. Apologies – Douglas Alexander

Part I: Confidential session
Part II: Open session
Market Information

2. Missing MTDs Under Reporting Issue – 224/06 – Ryan Dale, Kat Higby and Chris Day
3. Outstanding Category 1 non-compliances update – 224/08 – Tabled
4. Update on sub 100kWh Half Hourly Performance – 224/09 – Anna Millar and Oliver Meggitt
5. 94-C PXXX ‘Disapplication of SP01 SupplierCharges’ – 224/10 – Tom Darwen
6.PAT Review Recommendations – Qualification and Re-Qualification– 224/11 – Nathan Flood

Any Other Business

7. Panel Update – Panel Sponsor
8. Big Ticket Items – All
9. Actions – Chris Stock
10. Minutes from previous meeting – Chris Stock
11. Any Other Business – Douglas Alexander


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