Day Two of Two

PAB Meeting 225 will run over two days (PAB 225A on 30 October and PAB 225 on 31 October) because of the volume of items on the agenda.


1.Apologies – Douglas Alexander


Market Information

2.Assessment Report, CP1520 ‘Clarification to the Change of Ownership process in BSCP537’ – 225/07 – Danielle Pettitt
3.Risk 003 Risk Owner Reporting – 225/11 – Ryan Dale
4.Q2 QPAR – 225/12 – Ryan Dale

Any Other Business

5.Panel Update – Panel Sponsor
6.Big Ticket Items – All
7.Actions – Chris Stock
8.Minutes from previous meeting – Chris Stock
9.Any Other Business – Douglas Alexander


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List of Insights


BSC training services

Market Entry

Charge Codes and Switch Regimes

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