1.Apologies-Douglas Alexander

Part I: Confidential Session

2.Re-Qualification – DC/DA-PAB249/01-Matt Cogram
3.Re-Qualification – NHH MOA-PAB249/02-Matt Cogram
4.Qualification Actions-Matt Cogram
5.Risk Report-PAB249/03-Katharine Higby

Part II: Public Session

6.CP Impact Assessment Timetable 2021-2022-PAB249/04-George Crabtree
7.TAM Audit Scope – Complex Site Desktop Audits -PAB249/05-Simon Waltho & Christopher Day
8.Quarterly Performance Assurance Report-PAB249/06-George Player
9.New Modification Proposal ‘Switching off Participant-Reported PARMS Serials’-PAB249/07-Craig Murray
10.REC Update-Douglas Alexander
11.MHHS Update-Oliver Meggitt
12.Panel Update -Panel Sponsor
13.Big Ticket Items-All
14.Actions-Marianne Haslam
15.Minutes from previous meeting-Marianne Haslam
16.Any Other Business-All


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