BSC Panel 275

This page sets out the Agenda for the BSC Panel meeting 275 set for 8 February 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.


1. Apologies – Michael Gibbons

Open Session

Part I: Non – Modification Business

2. Update on Faster Switching and the Retail Energy Code – Verbal – Arik Dondi

Part II: Modification and Change Business

3. Report on progress of Modification proposals – 275/03 – Douglas Alexander
4. P365 ‘Enabling Elexon to tender for the Retail Energy Code (REC)’ – 275/04 – Jemma Williams – James Evans (Hudson Energy)

Assessment reports

5. P344 Interim ‘Project TERRE implementation into GB market arrangements’ – 275/05 – Elliott Harper
6. P354 ‘Use of ABSVD for non-BM Balancing Services at the metered (MPAN) level’ – 275/06 – Claire Kerr
7. P356 ‘Aligning the BSC with Grid Code Modification GC0099 “Establishing a common approach to interconnector scheduling consistent with the single intraday market coupling processes set out within Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 (CACM)” – 275/07 – Chris Wood

Other change business

8. Approval of Demand Capacity and Generation Capacity Limit Review and Determination statement – 275/08 – Adey Bolaji
9. Request to Treat P361 ‘Revised treatment of BSC Charges for Lead Parties of Interconnector BM Units’ as an Urgent Modification Proposal – 275/09 – Lawrence Jones

Part III: Non – Modification Business


10. Minutes of meeting 274 and actions arising – Victoria Moxham

Standing reports

11. Chairman’s Report – Verbal – Michael Gibbons
12. Elexon Report – 275/01 – Mark Bygraves
13. Distribution Report – Verbal – David Lane
14. National Grid Report – Verbal – Chris Fox
15. Ofgem Report – Verbal – Colin Down

Matters arising from Panel Committees and tabled reports

16. Report from the ISG – 275/01b
17. Report from the SVG – 275/01c
18. Report from the PAB – 275/01d
19. Report from the TDC – 275/01e
20. Trading Operations: BSC Operations Headline Report – 275/02
21. System Price Analysis Report – ISG203/01

Next meeting

Thursday 8 March 2018


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