This page sets out the Agenda for the SVG 204 set for 30 January 2018. All documents relating to the meeting are also listed on this page.


1. Apologies – Matt McKeon

Part I: Open Session

Decision papers

2. MDD Change Requests for Version 265 – 204/01 – Chris Stock

3. PEG recommendations: TPDs, AFYCs, Default EACs – 204/02 – Riccardo Lampini

4. Approval of Configurable Items for February 2018 Release – 204/03 – Adey Bolaji

5. CP1495 ‘Introduction of a rejection response dataflow for a D0170 ‘Request for Meter System Related Details’ request from the Meter Operator Agent to the Licensed Distribution System Operator where a D0215 ‘Provision of Site Technical Details’ response is required’ – 204/04 – Chris Wood

6. CP1496 ‘Introduction of two data flows for the Commissioning process for Half Hourly (HH) Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Current Transformer (CT) operated Metering Systems’- 204/05 – Chris Wood

7. CP1497 ‘Introduction of data flows for Half Hourly Meter Operator Agents to pass on Commissioning information when there is a Change of Agent’ – 204/06 – Chris Wood

8. CP1501 ‘Correction to P302 Footnote in BSCP504’ – 204/07 – Harry Parsons

Information papers

9. CP1500 ‘Amend the BSCP537 Appendices to add a requirement for Suppliers and MOAs to demonstrate the ability to send and receive Smart Meter Configuration details’- 204/08 – Chris Wood

10. CP1502 ‘Removal of the requirement to submit sampling data for Profile Classes 5-8 following the implementation of P272’ – 204/09 – Edwin Foden


11. Update from Unmetered Supplies User Group – Kevin Spencer

12. Update from Design Working Group – Kevin Spencer

Tabled items

13. Headlines of BSC Panel Meeting 274 – Panel Sponsor

14. BSC Operations Headline Report Panel – 274/02

15. Change Report Panel – 274/03

Other business

16. Actions (no open actions) – Matt McKeon

17. Minutes from previous meeting (none as correspondence meeting) – Matt McKeon

18. Matters arising – All

Next meeting

Tuesday 27 February 2018


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